Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kevin Pietersen will not idea out Evaluate retirement

England superstar Kevin Pietersen on Friday reduced a bombshell by showing that the third and last Evaluate against Southeast area African-american might be his last.

"I can't idea out that my next Evaluate may be my last," he said after efficient the man of the go with award in the drawn second Evaluate at Headingley after a amazing innings of 149, which he followed up by getting three wickets.

Pietersen's future was a serious issue before the sequence against the Proteas began.

He has already announced his pension living from from one-day globally cricket, amongst speculation he preferred to be available for a finish Local indian native Considerable Group system while still experiencing for The united kingdom and execute later on World Twenty20 in September.

"That is two of many aspects," he said. "But they're not the main two aspects. Let's make that very apparent, there are other aspects I am trying to kind out in the dressed in area.

"There are a lot of other issues. It's definitely 100 % not a money issue. You'll find out out soon enough, not these days. It will be a lot better after the next Evaluate go with."

Pietersen said it would be a "huge shame" if his Evaluate occupation came to an end.

"I really like experiencing Evaluate cricket for The united kingdom," he advised correspondents. "The saddest element for me is that the audiences just really like watching me execute and I really like experiencing for The united kingdom but the condition guidelines is what I have to deal with independently.

"It's complicated for me experiencing for The united kingdom."

Pietersen also hit out at what he suggested were press dripping about his conversations with the The united kingdom and Wales Cricket Board major into the sequence.

"It was organized accountable on me, it was me getting the claims. Did I circulation anything to the press about my activities with the ECB?" he involved.

"I never discussed just one phrase to just one reporter about anything that was spoken about these days, that I considered were close gateways."

 T20 Cricket Update

England head Phil Strauss and Pietersen signed up with personal press conferences.

Strauss said: "I don't want to ideas on what Kevin may or may not have said. I'm fulfilled to talk about how amazingly well he conducted in this Evaluate go with. It was one of the best innings I have seen him execute.

"What he may or may not have said is not for me to ideas on at this stage."


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