Saturday, December 1, 2012

England Cricketer Flintoff wins on boxing debut

England Cricketer Flintoff wins on boxing debut

Phil Flintoff, the former England allrounder, chosen himself up off the content to position a aspects achievements on his kickboxing first overall look against the unbeaten America of america Wealthy Dawson in Manchester.

Flintoff has modified the cricket rectangular shape for the four-cornered group, with his unlikely new career being taken for a Sky TV recorded. He beat the rely after being damaged to the content in the second circular but his fantastic quantity and execute quantity saw him offered a narrow win by the most all most all judges.

Cheered on by his old globally team-mate Darren Gough, Flintoff seemed assured behind his jab but was amazingly raw when going on the attack. However, after losing three-and-a-half stone during training, he has yet to select whether he will fight again.

"I said at the start I noticed I was starting at a starter level," Flintoff said. "You could see that, I am under no illusions and now I just want to take a while off. I want a rest, have a amazing Christmas time a while to not get up every day and go through what I have for the last five a few several weeks. After The holidays are I will select what I will do next."

Flintoff's option to level into the kickboxing group has been criticised as a promotion quit in some locations, however. Sincere Maloney, one of the most well-known promoters in British kickboxing, was dismissive of the circular and said Flintoff should not have been offered a allow by the British Punching Board of Control.

"Last night was a have a good laugh," Maloney advised The Connect. "The America of america seemed like he was under buys. Once he would damaged Flintoff down he reinforced off. All this does is deflect the attention from real competitors who have spent years in the gym and in the starter positions before developing careers in professional kickboxing.

"It was like watching two powder-puff punchers, and clearly Flintoff has no chin place area. If the Punching Board allow Flintoff to continue kickboxing, they should be asked over it. It was a exclusive, and just a event."

In front side part of a dynamic home viewers, Flintoff signed up with the MEN Area wearing a Lancashire Extremely outfits to the sound of Oasis' "Roll With It". The 34-year-old designed a bright start, using his jab to fantastic effect before providing the viewers insane with a big right against a cautious Dawson. However, Flintoff was sent to his feet after catching a right part starting in the second circular, but he recovered well to keep himself in the fight.

Flintoff took the fight to Dawson,  who seemed content to execute protection, and after Flintoff came some affordable shots in the greatest circular, the former England innovator was offered a 39-38 achievements.

"As a personal success, I think this is the best. I've had to execute so challenging," Flintoff said. "The viewers designed a difference this night. I'll appreciate I was inadequate at times, but it was a humbling time."


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