Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mark Hussey's ultimate desire

 Hussey, who was one of the top scorers for the Contemporary modern australia team in the tri-series such as Native indian and Sri Lanka and followed it up with another half-century against the European Indies before coming to execute the IPL, has said that his biggest wish is to execute Evaluate cricket for his country

Yes, I am thankful that I could do well against categories like Native indian and Sri Lanka," Hussey advised European Details.

Hussey is yet to execute 1 Evaluate go with for Contemporary modern australia despite being a renowned scorer in the decreased framework of the encounter.

"Test cricket is the biggest wish for any cricketer and hopefully my chance is around the place. I will do anything to get more performs and press my claims because of the plenty of opponents to get into the team," he said.

Hussey is following Australia's Evaluate series in the Carribbean from Native indian and is not surprised it has became a near one.

"The one-day series was quite a competitive one and the European Indies even had their nostril ahead in the first Evaluate before we transformed components around," he said. (ANI


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